c. 1907 Vonnegut Hardware Catalog No. 7 Machinery Tools Supplies Indianapolis IN


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Exceptional early 20th century Machinery Tools & Supplies catalog distributed by the Vonnegut Hardware Company of Indianapolis, IN. I could find no date referencing when the book was printed on any of the pages. I believe it to be from sometime around 1907. Inside the front cover is a sticker installed by the hardware company designating this as book No. 1783, see image 11. The back cover features a spoked wheel drawn in pencil by someone who owned the book in the past. Catalogue is for Machinery, Tools, Supplies, Power Transmission, and Appliances. It also states that the book was issued in the interest of manufacturers, contractors, railroads, machinists, carpenters, cabinetmakers, pattern makers, millwrights, blacksmiths, draughtmens, electricians, molders, boilermakers, line men, wood turners, carvers, coopers, surveyors, cement workers, brick and stone masons, polishers, platers, and grinders. Established in 1852 the store was located at 120-124 East Washington St. Indianapolis, IN when the catalog was issued. Filled from front to back with exceptional images and descriptions of hand tools, hardware, and all sizes of machinery imaginable. From pages of every type of pliers imaginable to specialized tools like the motor driven flexible shaft portable street railway drill shown. Additional pictures and measurements available upon request.

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