Large Chicago or Prairie School Chandelier w/ Original Finish & Thistle Details


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As pictured the chandelier drops from the ceiling approximately 52". Each chain measures 36" long. Plaster bowl diameter is 38 1/4". Bowl measures 17" deep. Canopy diameter is 8 1/2".

Large scale cast plaster bowl chandelier with original terra cotta colored factory finish. Fixtures bowl and ceiling canopy are decorated with variations on the thistle flower. Ceiling canopy is composed of a cast iron ring that the chain attaches to and a decorative cast plaster rosette. Chains flow down to four hooks protruding form the interior of the plaster bowl. These hooks are attached to the steel frame concealed inside the plaster that provides structural integrity. Images 1-4 are without flash and show the deep relief of the ornament. Images 5 and 6 are with a flash and highlight the areas of finish loss. Bowl contains a four arm steel pipe fixture outfitted with keyless sockets, UNO shade holders, and original mercury glass reflector shades. Some finish loss on the shades, see image 7. Exterior rim is adorned with four sockets as well. Each keyless socket is housed in a plaster cup and outfitted with a 2 1/4" HUBBELL shade holder. Please contact me prior to bidding if you are interested in having the fixture rewired prior to pickup. Buyer responsible for disassembly, crating, and transporting fixture due to the fragile nature of this fixture.

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