Bradley & Hubbard Craftsman Light Fixture


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Early B&H brass fixture with a remarkable original finish.

High quality Arts & Crafts fixture manufactured by Bradley & Hubbard. Original metal tag remains intact inside of the ceiling canopy. All cast and spun brass components are superior to those commonly found on similar fixtures. Fixtures retains a remarkable original finish except for a few edges of some of the fittings. This is how the fixture came to us and we decided not to bother the finish except for a water bath to removed the loose dirt and debris. Shades seem period appropriate for the fixture and appear to be original. There are some small chips and flea bites, but nothing major. They also have a bit of paint splatter in places. There is also a bit of paint slop along one upper edge of the canopy. All HUBBELL turn key sockets have been rewired with period appropriate cloth covered wire. Fixture measures 15" long x 18" wide when measuring across the shades.

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