Set of 10 Brass Arts & Crafts Holophane Pendant Lights from Historic 1903 Church


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This pair drops from the ceiling 30". Shades measure 6 1/2" x 6 1/2". Canopies measure 4 1/2" x 4 1/2". Each of these fixtures has a 16" chain.

Large matching set of pendant lights salvaged from an Indiana church. The lights were retrieved from the attic of the church during a recent salvage job, just prior to demolition of the building. Based on the brushed aluminum pendant lights that replaced these fixtures in the sanctuary I would guess these to have been in storage since the 1950's or 60's. All 10 fixtures have original Holophane 7425 prism glass shades. All sockets retain intact mica interiors. Finish is a very thick gold paint covering the brass components. Finish is very uniform. Group photo available to any interested party. Thoroughly inspecting each one I was actually able to find 7 shades with imperfections. 3 shades have what i would call chips and the others I would say have fleabites. The chips are on the vertical seam of the outside corners. I could probably get the chips to show up in closup images. One of them also has a fleabite on the 2 1/4" throat. Small and would not interfere with set screw function. THe other four shades have what I would call a fleabite on them somewhere. Some on the vertical seam of the outside corners and some on the corner seams that run on the diagonal to the 2 1/4" throat. Some of these may be able to be photographed, but most probably will not show in images. I will gladly try. 8 of the fixtures have a longer stem for the canopy to slide on than those shown on these fixtures. I photographed these fixtures because they have the short stems. The other 8 fixtures drop a few more inches than these. Those fixtures can have the stems shortened or we can add a few links of chain to these fixtures. Remarkable set. Mica socket interiors are intact. All cardboard insulators have been updated/replaced. Sockets have been rewired with period appropriate black cloth covered wire. The church was erected in 1903. The church was the only surviving wood framed Catholic church in the city. It was also the second oldest surviving African American church in the area. The facility was deemed unsafe by the local health department in the last year. The necessary repairs were deemed to costly and a date for demolition set. Additional details available upon request.

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