Set of 3 Industrial Antique Flush Mount Cage Light w/ Mirrored Reflector Perfeclite Co.


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Wood mounting base measures 21" wide. Copper pan measures 20" wide. Mirrored reflector measures 8 1/2" wide. Complete fixture measures 16" tall.

Large scale flush mount light fixture with a heavy duty steel protective cage. 20" body is either copper or brass with a very high copper content. Steel cage is held in place by three tabs secured by wing nuts. There is also a chain that attaches the cage to the body to keep it from falling to the floor while accessing the fixture for maintenance. The wrought body has a 10" throat that would accept a shade if one desires. Each fixture contains a massive mogul ceramic socket that sits just behind the 8 1/2" wide mirrored reflector shade. Offered as found with an unmolested original finish. Listing is for the set of 3 matching fixtures.

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