Kingan & Co Meat Buyer’s Guide Store Display Sign Standard Beef Pork Lamb Cuts


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Sign measures 26" wide x 39" tall. Frame measures 32" x 45".

LARGE framed Kingan's Meat Buyers Guide manufactured by Kingan & Co Pork & Beef Packers of Indianapolis, IN. The main Kingan facility was located at 55 South Blackford St. Indianapolis, IN, but they had locations in NY, FL, CA, PA, VA, D.C., & MA. Sign outlines the standard cuts for lamb, beef, and pork. Some staining and discoloration from years of service. Back of frame is covered with a piece of plywood that has been nailed and glued in place. There is also a hand written note on the back dated 1980. See image 6. Piece has remained in storage for 25+ years. Displays like a work of art. Additional pictures and measurements available upon request.

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