Art Deco Robbins & Meyers Model 9304 Modernistic Fan Oscillating Original Finish


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Stands 13" tall and 10" wide across the cage.

Oscillating fan with original finish manufactured by Robbins & Myers. Original tag remains intact on the bottom: Robbins & Myers Inc. Springfield OHIO Made in USA List No. 9304 Alternating Current Patented No. 92108. Original cloth wire runs from the motor to the base of the fan where the switch is located. At some point in time a pervious owner added a new cord from the switch to the plug end. The motor quietly turns on and runs when the switch is flipped. The fan oscillates back and for just as it should. There is one adjustment point located near the base. This can be manipulated by loosening the wing nut. The fan also has a hold in the back of the base allowing it to be wall mounted if desired. I wiped the fan off with a dry cloth, but am offering it as found other than that.

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