Large Scale Oak Floor Lamp w/ Leaded Glass Shade Hubbell Limbert Stickley Era


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Assembled fixture measures 77" tall. Shade measures 20" square and 12" tall. The base measures 12" square and rests on four simple feet.

Large scale quarter sawn Oak floor lamp with a geometric leaded glass shade. The body features a warm finish on the tiger striped quarter sawn Oak. There are a few dings along the corners of the center pole. I will gladly provide images, but there was not enough room in this original listing. Perched atop the Oak center body is a cluster of four Harvey Hubbell INC pull chain sockets. Each pull chain measures 8 1/2" long and retains the original acorn shaped pull. The latest patent date on each socket shell is Oct 18 08. The brass components also retain a uniform finish. Shade features brass plated came and is extremely heavy. The shade fits the mount on top of the lamp perfectly. They appear to be an original set and not a marriage. The two piece heat cap has a fitter soldered to the underside that mates up with the fitter on top of the shade and holds it securely in place. I will gladly provide images of this detail as well. I was able to locate 5 cracked panels on the shade. 2 are in the bottom green border on opposite side of the lamp and are shown in images 10 & 11. The other 3 cracked panels are on a third side in the bottom row of caramel slag. They can be seen in images 8 and 9. Plug end is marked Hubbell as well. Cord was on the lamp when I purchased it and it did not need replacing. Cardboard socket insulators were replaced. Mica interiors remain intact. This fixture was definitely fabricated by a top of the line manufacturer at the beginning of the 20th century. This lamp was purchased in Michigan 15 years ago. I was unable to find any maker's mark or label on the shade or base. Wonderful addition to any collection. Additional pictures and measurements available upon request.

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