Mid Century Set of 5 Large Industrial Holophane Lights 3 Piece Shades w/ Lens


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Set of 5 matching Mid Century Modern flush mount Holophane light fixtures. Each fixture employs a unique three piece prism glass shade to disperse light without creating an unpleasant glare. Bottom shade features a removable lens to allow spent bulbs to be easily accessed. Removable lenses is marked Pat No D178212 Re 24372 & TOP. Assembled fixture drops 13" from the ceiling and measures 15 1/2" wide. Removable center lens measures 7 1/2" wide. Ceiling canopy measures 8" wide. Stainless steel does have some minimal pitting. Mounting hardware included. Group photo available for any interested party. Additional details available upon request. Listed for local pickup only. Please contact me to discuss shipping these fixtures.

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