c. 1940 Light Up Cram’s 10 1/2″ Terrestrial Globe Ornate Fish Holder Wood Base


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Fixture measures 15" tall. Base measures 8 1/2" x 6 3/4".

c.1940 light up 10 1/2" Terrestrial globe manufactured by Cram's of Indianapolis, IN. Globe is glass and rests in a highly detailed fish shaped cradle. The cradle is mounted to a wood base that sits on four feet. Wood appears to retain the original finish and so does the fish. Wood does have a white scrape on the backside, see image 12. Finish on fish is immaculate. Original C finial is present. Globe does have some finish loss in two different forms. One is a total loss of paper, see images 5 and 6. There are some other small holes of tis type, but the main area it up near the North Pole. Images 4 and 7 show the other type of finish loss. There is an area of land in Africa that is lighter in color than the rest of the globe, see image 4. On the backside in the ocean there is a similar patch, see image 7. Images 10 and 11 reference Iran and Palestine. Fixture was disassembled, socket was rewired on the spring loaded mount, and a new cord was installed. The original plug end was also reinstalled. The light inside the globe is operated by a pull chain socket that exits from the South Pole, see image 8. Additional pictures and measurements available upon request.

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