1924 Union Colorimeter Sinclair Refining Adjustable Industrial Antique Lamp Oil


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Colorimeter patented by Thomas D. Simpson & A.Clayton Woodman on May 27, 1924 to aid in determining the color of liquids, particularly lubricating oils. Patent number 1,495,763.

Manufactured by C.J. Tagliabue MFG. Co. of Brooklyn, NY. Licensed by Sinclair Refining Company. Top retains the tag shown in image 4. Side retains the tag shown in image 3. Wood retains a worn original finish. Adjustable lamp and all other metal components retain a grimy original finish consistent with years of service in the oil industry. Opal glass panel at the end of the viewing box is intact and free from damage. Parabola reflector retains the original, blue Quality Daylight, lens. Socket is a HUBBELL turn key. Brass knob raises and lowers magazine of numbered color standards. The top marker which I assume would be 0 is missing, see images. The markers go all the way up to number 8. Hinged mirrored door used to view standard number is present and functional. Socket has been rewired with period appropriate cloth covered wire. All other components were on the lamp when I acquired it and appear to be original. The tubes used to contain the samples are not present. Additional pictures and measurements available upon request.

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